Pure PlugDICK SAYS: Njoy toys are artfully crafted from stainless steel, packaged like fine jewelry, and are both beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. Among the many things there are to love about these toys, two that stand out for me are; weight, and thermal inertia. You can warm them up or cool them down and they take their own sweet time surrendering to your body’s temperature. The bigger the toy, the longer the effect.

Jane and purchased the smallest of three available butt plugs (1″ diameter head) and have found it to be excellent for anal play. However, were we to do it all over again… we’d go with a larger plug. Keeping the small plug in during sex is difficult to the point of distraction and neither of us can even walk around without it falling out. Njoy toys are worth their high price but take my advice and don’t buy a plug until you’re certain of size. Run down to the local adult novelty store and buy some really cheap plugs… find the right size and then start saving. Njoy’s steel plugs are a self indulgent treasure that will spend very little time in your toy box.

JANE SAYS: I have to say, I am a sucker for the high end beautifully crafted sex toys that are made to last; which is why I love njoy products. They make a great butt plug, for novices and experts alike. They’re easy and quite stimulating to insert and don’t get “sticky” with extended use. I’m with Dick though, if I had it to do all over again, before I spent the money I’d make sure the butt plug was the size I wanted first. I’m saving my pennies for the large one.