Positioned For SuccessBreathless gasps, cries of pleasure, Jane bucking against me to extract the most pleasure from every thrust… this is the sweet spot of sex which precedes orgasm, eclipses awareness of surroundings, and binds us with moments of shared ecstasy rivaled by nothing else.

It’s a destination to which we both know the most direct route on paths well traveled. Often in haste to arrive for simple reasons of available time or urgent desire, we take the shortest route possible. We all do this to some degree, don’t we? Rush, rush… it’s consistent with our busy culture and desire for immediate gratification.

Jane knows what she wants, “cut to the fuck” she says, and so we generally do. Her favorite position changes over time… but I always know what the current choice is. I know the configuration of limbs, the angle, the rhythm that pushes her into rigid, quivering bliss. Despite my knowledge of the direct route, I take detours whenever possible.

Every position is not “the best” position, some are just an exercise in flexibility, but if it includes a dick and a pussy I’ll try it. Jane and I experiment, not so much with entanglements gleaned from research but with playful exploration of what our bodies will do. Believe it or not, after 16 years we still stumble across new ways of doing the same thing. All discoveries are not great, but they offer variety. And every once in a while… we find Jane’s new favorite.

We carved out some time on Saturday morning to take the slow road. Jane took the lead and started us off with some Reverse Cowgirl. After which we flipped around this way and that and somewhere in the middle we struck a novel combination, not great, but I had my dick in Jane’s pussy at the time so it was good enough for me.

The final stretch took a familiar turn and we settled into Jane’s current favorite… her flat on her tummy, legs together, me thrusting hard against her ass, driving my dick angrily against her G-Spot. That’s a sure thing. We both came hard in perfect unison. It was a good trip.

I just posted some pictures on our HotPics page… not of us, but of some really sexy couples going at it in Jane’s position(s) of choice. I hope they make you hot to have some sex yourself… but more importantly, I hope they make Jane want to fuck again, right away. ;o)