RecommendedWe occasionally take a day or two off from our regular routines to spend them focused on each other (you can read about some of those days here) which involve cracking open the sex toy vault to liberate our favorite forms of entertainment. It occurrs to us that we really have a significant collection of stuff… some of which we have written about (or reviewed) but much of which we have never mentioned here.

There is so much crap on the market! We think we have sorted through enough lousy products to get both an appreciation for, and ability to identify, the good stuff. We have a preference for products which enhance the sex we already have, as opposed to items intended for solo play.

Without writing up lengthy reviews, we’d like to share some suggestions with you. We own every item on the following list and have included each here as a personal recommendation… our seal of sexy approval emblazoned on each one. Some are on the expensive side but would make excellent gifts! If this list is well received we have plenty more to share!

(We should disclose that some of these items we sell in our store, but many we do not. While we would not be disappointed if you chose to purchase from us, our real intent here is to share… whether we benefit from the recommendation or not. Enjoy!)


EroscillatorThumbEroscillator – An all time favorite which sits permanently bedside on Jane’s night stand for easy access. Jane retired every other external vibrator in her collection (at the time) the day she first tried her Eroscillator. She shared her impressions with a review and you can pick one up here.

hitachi_magic_wandMagic Wand - A real rumbler which is too powerful for Jane’s clit but has won our love for its ability to transfer vibration deep into a body during sex. Dick has also figured out how to strap it to his dick with a masturbation sleeve… that’s an experience to behold. Pick one up easily here.

LeloSorayaLelo Soraya - Excellent quality (like all things from Lelo), high end, attractive, and perfect vibrations with infinite variability. This rabbit style dildo is a real keeper that helps Jane achieve fantastic release. Catch the rabbit here.


MassageTableMassage Table – An excellent investment for each other! We don’t recall where ours came from, likely There are some really cheap ones on the market so buyer beware. Ours was probably in the $150 range and is worth every penny!

RedHotTouchThumbRed Hot Touch – Jaiya has a series of well produced and very sexy instructional DVD’s in her Red Hot Touch series focused on the sensuality of touch. We have many, because she generously gifted them to us, but are particularly fond of the genital massage editions included in the set.

JJCandleMassage Candle – Keeps warm oil at the ready on romantic, candle lit nights. The quality of oil in the JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle is excellent and we loved ours (review). You find a variety of similar candles in our store.

Dildos and Plugs


Tantus Cush O2 – Girthy with exquisite ridges, the Cush O2 has a firm core and softer silicone exterior which make it a very comfortable and satisfying ride. Harness compatible, high quality silicone, and easy to clean. Pick your color and get busy.

VixSkinVixSkin Dildos – Soft silicone exterior on a rigid shaft, these dildos are of unmatched quality and feel wonderful to the touch. Use them solo or in a harness for partner play and never be disappointed (review). Find them here.

FFShareFun Factory Share – A great, soft silicone, double dildo which assures she gets a little something extra when she’s giving it to him. It’s designed to be worn without a harness but for best results we recommend using one. Check it out here.

OnyxProstate Massager – The Onyx Glass Prostate Massager is a good choice and does great things for Dick. Many men are discovering they are capable of pleasures they had not imagined, browse for more choices in our store there are many good ones to choose from.


Metal Worx Perfect Plug – An ideally shaped butt plug great for short time or extended wear. Provides feeling of fullness with forward leaning pressure. Base is comfortable between the checks even while sitting. Get this beautiful plug in Silicone, Glass, or (our favorite) Steel.

PurPlugsPure Plugs – We LOVE stainless steel toys and these plugs from njoy (3 sizes) are a real treat. Elegantly simple and built to last a lifetime, they are hefty in the hand and command real presence in your ass. Find them at Good Vibrations.

TantusRyderTantus Ryder – The ideal butt plug. Size is comfortable but big enough to stay put. Material is body safe, soft (but still firm) silicone, and easy to clean. For solo use or during sex (which we recommend), the Tantus Ryder is a real butt pleaser.

Games and Books

SexIsFunThumbSexy Games - It’s hard to find good sex games and we have even tried making our own, but there are a few we really like to include Sex Is Fun and Unpredictable, both by

SexDeckThe Sex Deck - A fun deck of cards with which to explore new positions. Select and share your favorites or deal them out and draw your evening plans at random. Find the fun here.

GreatSexBookBooks – We have a stack which includes both educational and entertaining reading. A few we like are; Anal Pleasure and Health, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate PleasureX: The Erotic TreasuryGuide To Getting It On, and Great Sex Made Simple. You can browse for even more here.

Other Fun Stuff

LiquidSilkLiquid Silk – Our search for the perfect sex lube stopped at Liquid Silk. It’s light, water based, super slick, and does not leave you feeling sticky. We have two bottles, one on each night stand so it’s always within reach. You can reach some here.

CleanCutPersonal Shaver – One of the best things we ever bought for ourselves. We have 2; Cleancut and Body Bare, both excellent buys which help maintain an intimate shave without much effort or ill-affect like razor burn or ingrown hairs. Highly recommended!

CockRingsCock Rings - If you follow this blog, you have likely already read about Dick’s love for these stainless steel (and now aluminum) cock rings. He has reviewed a couple too. Pick one (or more) up with confidence from Gear Essentials.


RodeoH Harness – More comfortable than any other harness on the market! Slip RodeoH on like underwear, wear it under your clothes so you are ready whenever, wherever. No need to buckle or fasten! Many sizes and styles available, machine washable, and redefines sexy. Get some here.

Sex should be more than stimulating, it should be a fun shared experience… one in which you laugh and explore together. Sometimes, especially in long term relationships, investing a little effort in novelty goes a long way. If you have a special occasion planned or if your everyday encounters need extra spark, do something special and unexpected. That may be a sappy love note, a new book or toy, or test driving a new technique… it’s the effort that will win their love.