Couple In Bed

Thirteen Is Our Get Lucky Number


We’ve had sex every day in 2013! If today were January 3rd you might just roll your eyes at that statement… but note this post is dated February 3rd. Now we’re talking!

Three years ago, Dick wrote about The 30 Day Sex Challenge, an exercise for couples to reconnect and find creative ways to work sex back into their routines. At the time, we had tried and failed the challenge twice and we didn’t make it through that last round either. We don’t remember why… it is just more difficult than we More >


Once Cheated On, Always Cheated On?


Since I started dating until today, I have never had anyone, not a single woman, be completely faithful. Every single one of my girl fiends, my first wife and my current wife of 10 years, has had an extra experience with sex outside or on top of the time we have been together. Sometimes I have known about it, sometimes I have discovered it later through friends and sometimes they have confessed. I have quit being surprised. I have just learned to deal with it.

From my perspective, the phrase More >

Jane By Fire Light

Day Off, Clothes Off, Game On (Dick)


click for a better view, trust me!

When you ditch work for the sole purpose of getting laid it can make for awkward next-day conversation at the water cooler. “So, what did you do yesterday?”, they always ask. “I shot a hot load of cum deep into my wife’s ass”, I’d like to say before taking another sip of water and watching their eyes react.

Actually, that would only tell part of the story… and it’s not really fair to cut out the true context of Jane’s and my day off together. We’re a couple More >


Sexually Disinterested Wife Caught Masturbating


I am 40 yrs old, handsome, small muscular build and well endowed. My wife is 48 yrs old, a little chubby, VERY attractive and we have no kids. We have not had sex or any kind of intimacy in a very long time and we been married 16 yrs. She says she has no more sex drive or desire for sex.

Long story short…. I came home from work 2 hours early one day and heard the garden tub water jets running on high full blast and making a humming sound. I slowly peeked into our bathroom and saw my wife laid More >


Questions About My Husband’s Sexuality


Hello my name is Dawn I have been married for 8 months. This is not my first marriage or his . I am 46 and he is 65. Sex was great when we first started and I found out he had an implant for his penis I was fine with it things were great. About three months Into our relationship the implant broke and he had it for ten years. We had it replaced but its not the same it is not very hard and it points down. He can not Make me cum and has a hard time making himself cum. That’s one problem. The major More >

Frustrated Penis

Good Things Come (Dick)


You know you’ve been having sex too fast for too long when you begin to hope the lube is not flammable.

Google finished the search phrase for me and turned up loads of pages for delayed ejaculation, known medically as “retarded ejaculation”… and I’d have to agree. For the first time in my life I’m taking a prescribed pharmaceutical which targets my brain and it’s having some interesting effects that my doctor failed to mention.

Loss of libido is on the list of side effects. I’ll admit mine may More >


Voyeur Wants To Take Wife To Sex Parties


I love my wife and we are in an monogamous relationship. I would like us to be voyeurs e.g. at swingers parties. I would love to watch other couples have sex while my wife and I watch. I drop subtle and not so subtle hints but no luck.

Can you help? Suggestions? – John

Dr. Charlie Glickman Profile | Website While dropping hints sometimes works, I’m a big fan of being direct. It doesn’t always work, but at least it means you don’t have to wonder about it anymore.First thing to do is to ask More >

My Open Relationship Is Getting Awkward


My name’s Jesse and I’ve been with my girlfriend for about a year and a half together. Currently we live together on our college campus. We’re in an open relationship, which for us means that as long as we keep an open communication with each other about it, we can have casual/sexual relationships with other people. This is new to me, I’ve always been a pretty monogamous guy, and have not engaged in anything with other people besides my girlfriend. She’s had a couple of flings, but nothing More >


He Wants Me To Paddle And Flog Him


My husband and I have a terrific sex life. We both are adventurous (completely monogamous) and after several years of marriage we still enjoy exploring each other and trying new things. Recently, we decided to try light spanking. (Neither of us are particularly fond of real pain). I don’t mind a little light, teasing spank but that is about it. My husband, though, likes me to use a leather paddle and/or flogger on him. The problem is that hitting, even playfully, is not in my nature. It’s very More >


How To Avoid Pain During Anal Sex?


I have been curious about having anal but i heard that it hurts. I was wondering how we could make it enjoyable and worry less about the pain?

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson Profile | Website

When done well, anal sex should not hurt. We strongly encourage you to read some books on the subject: Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women is a great place to start. Another good choice is Jack Morin’s Anal Pleasure and Health: A Guide for Men and Women.Generally speaking, you More >

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