Under Sheets

Jump Start the Weekend (Dick)


Saturday mornings can be fun.

Jane and I woke up this morning, naked bodies entangled, and languished for a while in each others touch. When I’m half awake and the duties of my day have not yet weighed in, my head is clear of everything but the moment, and Jane is caressing my back, chest, and arms I’m in heaven. It’s a very serene feeling.

And when her hands drift down to stroke by ball sack… well, I know my great awakening is about to get even better. It’s mornings like these that really More >

Licking Lips

Where’d The Jizz Go? (Dick)


Where’d the jizz go? I’m recalling the scene in “There’s Something About Mary” when Ted (Ben Stiller) let loose the man juice and then couldn’t find it. I’ve been having similar experiences lately, though solving the mystery is a bit easier.

For years Jane has been giving me amazing blow jobs that culminate in either; a vigorous hand job and semen fountain, or my milky manhood drizzling out from behind her lips and streaming down my cock. BOTH are incredible and worthy of deep praise and More >

Passionate Lovers

Definitely Something to Blog About (Dick)


The kids just can’t go to bed early enough these days. Jane and I are in a sexual upswing right now; one that has expanded our old routines, lead to the purchase of great new toys, and spawned the idea of this site. The only negative part of the whole experience is the annoying bruise on my arm where I keep pinching myself to wake up.

Our sex session last night included; deep can’t-get-enough kissing, porn in the background with lusty beautiful people, the Liberator Ramp, pussy shaved clean, a More >

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