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Gräfenberg Missed His OWN Spot! (Dick)


In 1981 a few American sexologists struggling with German pronunciation declared this particular lady-region the “G-Spot” (see reference)… blah, blah, blah.

Ever since, there’s been debate about whether women really have a G-Spot… blah, blah, blah.

I’m not going to dive into the scientific or academic debate, I am not going to analyze the research and compare it to Jane’s sheet shredding sexual response to my skilled finger work, but I AM going to say this… Gräfenberg got it all wrong!

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Our First Blogiversary!


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One year ago this month the Internet gave birth to! We had been journaling for some time in anticipation of publishing this site and launched the blog with some back-dated entries amid nervous clicks last year.

Today we have a legion of followers and get nearly 6000 unique visitors a month… not bad, and we’re growing every week.

We’ve been interviewed for Fearless Press, took a sexy trip, gave away some fun stuff, and made friends along the way.

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Solid Relationship

Keeping It Solid By Shaking It Up (Dick)


“What if your love life depended on your ability to combine your need for safety and commitment with your need to explore your lust and urges? It’s a salient question from any way a person views relationship, but in this context, we will consider it from a tradition currently under the microscope (some might even say attack): monogamy.” – T.M. Bernard

Jane and I are happy monogamists. We married years ago, are raising kids together, work as a team, and look to each other for companionship… and More >

Rain Sex

Rain (Dick)


Late summer brings the best rainstorms where we live. They roll in at night with a light show followed by thunder that rumbles from a distance before building to crescendo and crashing through open windows.

Sleep escapes. Cool breezes chase us under covers previously forsaken by Summer’s heat. We hold tight through waves of glass rattling percussion which explode above the roar of cold rain punishing the roof. I love the rain!

Some years ago, a week of regular afternoon storms brought record More >

Cialis Tablet

The Cialis Affect (Dick)


Cialis: Harder to Come By

Jane’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She gets no shortage of erect penis, in fact there is generally an oversupply. Regardless.. a couple months ago I cajoled my doctor into writing me a prescription for Cialis.

Tulips top Jane’s list of favorite flowers and, being the good husband, I like to surprise her sometimes with a fist full of fresh Tulips for no particular reason other than my pure adoration of her. She eats that up… and I usually get lucky. ;o)

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Lemon Butt

Beach Bummed but Makin’ Lemonade (Jane)


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Tropical storm Alex threw a bit of a curve ball to our anticipated sun drenched, beach vacation. I am a sun worshiper and, must admit, after the second consecutive day of overcast skies, wind, and rain I was feeling a bit bummed.

The night life wasn’t affected too much because all the resort’s scheduled events could easily be moved inside to the disco. But daytime in Cancun during a tropical storm forces a couple to use their imagination a bit to keep entertained.

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Lingerie Show

Lingerie Night (Dick)


Image via RP Online

Jane and I recently escaped to a clothing optional resort for the first time. Before you assume we camped out with a bunch of naturalists let me tell you that it was an erotic, all inclusive, beach resort. There was plenty of “naked”… but the best gawking was of people with [at least some] clothing on.

Each evening had a theme, the day we arrived it was Lingerie Night and we were greeted by fellow guests in fishnet, heels, corsets, and thongs. Jane and I agreed, this was FAR More >

Sex Vacation

Sex Vacation!

Dick and Jane are officially on sex vacation!!

(No, that’s not actually us. But that’s where we are! :o)

Naked Outside the Usual Context (Dick)



Shortly after Jane and I got married, her sister paid a visit to our very small condo. While I don’t recall the specific details of that day, I do remember that Jane spent some time comfortably mingling around the condo while wearing absolutely nothing.

Of the three of us… Jane is the only one that could have been naked. I don’t know exactly how her sister felt about it but she and I were both party to Jane’s nakedness outside the context of our previous experience. More >

Flying Doggie

Fantasy Fulfilled (Dick)


Saturday morning. Kids in the basement glued to the computers.  Jane and I fresh out of the shower… and it all started innocently enough with a little ass-alingus.  I love Jane’s ass, by the way, and a carefully placed tongue sure seems to get her attention.

What came from our spontaneous anal play was playful and satisfying sex that quickly lead to orgasm for Jane.  We lay next to each other while she took a needed break and then Jane said, “So, you want to do your fantasy thing?”.  I knew More >

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