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The Pleasures Of Giving Oral Sex (Dick)


Receiving oral sex is great for many reasons which need no explanation, but what about giving oral sex? Can a person find pleasure in performing an act which, on the surface, appears to be so one sided? Yes, of course. But perhaps it is not entirely for the altruistic reasons you suspect. Let me back up to get a running start at this.

You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve

The head of a woman’s clitoris (just the visible part) is packed with 8000 sensory nerve endings (interestingly, that’s about twice the More >


Have You Checked In Lately? (Dick)


People change. They grow, they contemplate, they fantasize. Sometimes they get bored… and every once in awhile there may be a paradigm shift that spins a person’s perspective, ideals, and desires in unexpected directions.

If you are in a long term relationship and you think you have your finger on the pulse of your partner’s desires you might want to double check your assumptions. Maybe you don’t know the whole story any longer.

Or perhaps it is you who has discovered something new about what More >


It Shouldn’t Have Worked, But It Did (Dick)


I was abruptly awoken by a PMS day. The slamming drawers, mumbled expletives, and general frustrations of Richter magnitude rattling out of our bathroom were a dead giveaway that Jane would soon be blessed again with the crimson gift of womanhood.

She’s an early bird who gets more done before I wake up in the morning than I get done all day and this day was no different. Jane had been up for some time, was dressed, and ready to take our Golden Retriever for a walk. Her aggravation crescendo had More >

Top Sex Blogger 2013

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2013


She’s done it again! Rori over at Between My Sheets has compiled a gigantic list of sex blogs, the best she found this year.

We have been on Rori’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers List in years past but it seems we keep climbing… she placed Dick-n-Jane.com at #6 for 2013. We are very honored to be a part of her annual tradition and hope you take some time to check out all her blog has to offer.

Top 10 From The Top 100 List

1. Lady Pandorah from Lady Pandorah’s Sanctuary 2. Jerome from Let’s Talk About More >


He Has Never Really Wanted Sex, Is It Me?


My husband and I have been married for 2 years and together for 6. He has always said that he has thought sex was “yucky” and that he never wants it. When we are intimate I feel like he is just going through the motions to make me happy. I am generally unable to help him achieve an erection, nor can I help him come to an orgasm. I am a psychology major working on my Bachelor’s of Science, so I understand that there are some underlying psychological issues at play here. However, he frequently More >


I Am 50 and I Have Never Had an Orgasm


Hi guys, I just recently discovered your website and I love it! You two have what I’m looking for. Here’s my dilemma. I have never had an orgasm. I’ve been to doctors who told me that there is nothing wrong with me physically so it must be mental. I’ve never given myself emotionally totally to a man (I’m 50 yrs old). I’ve always been able to walk away from a relationship without much hurt. Could that be the reason? I love sex but my heart has never felt safe with a man. How can I relax and More >


Release Negotiations (Dick)


Image from Young Legal Porn

One Saturday afternoon recently Jane said to me, “If you go to Starbuck’s to get me some coffee I’ll give you a blowjob”. There was only one way to answer such a proposal and it sounded a lot like a door slamming followed by a car racing away.

She got her fix. And I got mine.

I have suffered through enough corporate ethics and sexual harassment training meetings to recognize sexual “quid pro quo” when I see it… and I love it! Sure I’ll do you a favor, so long as my More >


The Brand New Dick-n-Jane.com


We are very proud to welcome you to the new Dick-n-Jane.com website! It’s been quite an effort to migrate from old to new but we’re convinced the new platform will be faster and more engaging.

It may seem like we have been neglecting this blog lately… but we’ve been very busy behind the scenes creating this new site. It has taken months of moments stolen from our lives in the real world and we hope you will take a few moments to explore.

Great effort was made to keep the site familiar to More >


How Do I Convince Him To Be Rougher?


I have been dating my boyfriend for 18 months and we have a very strong relationship. I am more reserved and shy in public but I love having rough sex and being a little dirty in the bedroom. I want him to be rougher with me but he always seems hesitant. He says he doesn’t want to hurt me but I can tell he’s just nervous. Its hard for me to get off usually because he doesn’t need as long as I do to get ready. I also love foreplay and have tried telling him before but it just doesn’t stick. How More >

Metal Worx Double Trouble

Metal Worx Double Trouble


Metal Worx Double Trouble is a prostate or G-Spot massager made of high quality steel polished to a bright shine. It is solid, hefty, and comes in one of the best packages I’ve seen.

What I Really Liked

• Made of steel • Generous size • Easy to handle • Versatile for him or her • Clever packaging

Physical Description

This toy is 5.5 inches in length (the insertable part) and 1.5 inches in width. It weighs 1.5 pounds and is curved to hit the right spot with definitive presence. A loop for a More >

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