Nine OrgasmsThe duration of men’s sexual response is limited by orgasmic exhaustion; one, two, three, or four in a single night and we’ve had it… there are limits to a male’s physiological capacity to reach orgasm without sufficient rest in between.

Women, on the other hand, seem limited only by physical exhaustion; one orgasm is a warm up, two is getting there, and three is a decent night.

The height of sexual arousal in women is sustainable and, for many, orgasm is as much a driver of further arousal as it is a release of sexual energy. It’s like the impossible perpetual motion machine where each cycle feeds the next with its own self-generated momentum.

It’s been a while (like since our seeds took root)… but there was a time when Jane and I would spend full days languishing naked in bed together, exploring our sexual likes and limits. In repeated acts which were equally selfless and selfish, I used every means imaginable to drive Jane into orgasm after orgasm.

Eventually Jane’s peaks of climax would merge into a steady, unending sexual plateau that took hold of her entire body in an erotic coup of her own self-governance. Unable to control her response and unable to resist my attention, every touch (any touch) would send her reeling into whole body contractions epicentered blissfully in her pelvis.

A kiss on the neck, a hand on her breast, anything… she’d have a full blown orgasm and come out of it primed for the next. She was an endless orgasm machine with a hair trigger and I was her cause to tremble.

There is a seductive power in this level of control and I knew just how many successive orgasms it took to render Jane sexually helpless… nine was the magic number. Once she hit the ninth peak it was a steady and effortless roll from one to another.

We’ve aged a bit since then and our bodies speak to each other in whole new ways, but I’ll bet Jane would still respond just as well to the magic nine. And now I have a plan for the weekend.

What about you?