Shortly after Jane and I got married, her sister paid a visit to our very small condo. While I don’t recall the specific details of that day, I do remember that Jane spent some time comfortably mingling around the condo while wearing absolutely nothing.

Of the three of us… Jane is the only one that could have been naked. I don’t know exactly how her sister felt about it but she and I were both party to Jane’s nakedness outside the context of our previous experience. Before that day Jane had regularly bared all to each of us separately, but never with someone else present. That day there were two fully clothed, one fully nude, and the only one of us entirely comfortable was the one in the buff.

Personally, I found the experience to be highly arousing. Granted, Jane without clothes is always a turn on, but once you get comfortable with your own, or someone else’s, nakedness there is an edgy thrill that gets muted by familiarity. However, if you drop the same fleshy reality into a different setting the edgy thrill returns!

I sometimes find myself naked (or partially naked) in places outside the usual context. Not weird places; doctor office, locker room, esthetician’s table, tanning salon, football stadium… well, not that last one but you get the idea. In new scenarios like these I become very aware of my own naked vulnerability, NOT in a sexual way… but in an edgy, heightened attention sort of way.

In a sexual context, unfamiliar nakedness (like that with a new lover) can bring thrill that triggers endorphin release and all the associated good feelings. Jane and I are planning a brand new naked adventure together that I hope will have a wonderful affect on us both. We’ll be first-timers… out of our comfort zone and naked way outside the usual context.