Dick-n-Jane On Deck

Click for a better view!

I posted the following status update on Facebook two days ago:

Naked hot tubbing and naked sunbathing while looking over a valley of snow dusted pines beats work.

And I meant every word of it! Jane and I had a great mid-week getaway into the hills and discovered a really nice place to relax and unwind. It was quiet, there was little to distract us from each other, and we had no good reason to wear any clothes. It was everything our home life is not.

Our camera made the trip too and we’ll be sneaking some revealing shots into our HotPics blog over the next week or so. If you miss them fly by, you can always see our photos using the special tag #dick.n.jane.com.

My clothes are back on now (drats!) and I had a full day of catching up at work today (double drats!) but Jane and her sexy affections are still with me. As I write this it is late, Jane is in bed, and I’m wondering why this keyboard is still getting my attention. More on our romantic retreat later… I have a naked hottie waiting for me!