Liberator RampJANE SAYS: This was one of the first “sex toys” I picked out when Dick suggested I go shopping. I went to the Liberator site which I had heard about through one of our favorite podcasts (SIF). I found that I got very turned on just looking at the pictures. I was very excited to try it out. I was not disappointed.

The point of the liberator ramp is to help create different positions for sex and to enhance the oldie but goodies. The first positions we tried was doggie style. I found the ramp helped get my back end at an excellent angle for penetration and I could just lay down and relax (kept the arms from getting tired). It also (as advertised) worked wonders for G-spot stimulation. The only issue I had with this position was that I began to feel a little light headed from all the blood rushing to my head. I needed a pillow to elevate my head slightly. The ramp adds a certain amount of fun…seeing what kind of positions you can get into and seeing what it does to your old favorites. Well…one of my old favorites is me on top. This position can create the best blended orgasms for me. The trouble I have found with this particular position; however, is that there isn’t a whole lot of stimulation for Dick because there is more of a grinding action than up and down motion, so it works for a while, but not always long enough for me to come. It took a little while, for some reason, but when we finally tried this position with the ramp… I just have one thing to say OH MY GOD! It put Dick in THE PERFECT position and I totally had 5 of the most incredible orgasms in succession. If for no other reason than what it does for this position, I LOVE the ramp, and think it was well worth the price!

DICK SAYS: As far as pillows go, the Liberator ramp is on the expensive side. The Liberator site will tell you that it’s so much more than a pillow and I suppose that’s true… it’s constructed of denser foam than most pillows and covered in the kind of micro-fiber found most commonly on affordably upholstered furniture. But Liberator’s angle, so to speak, is the angle. This pillow helps put things in just the right spot, keeps you comfortable, and supports both of you in ways that can alleviate muscle strain. These properties in combination can make for longer, more satisfying sex.

The Ramp has given new life to Jane’s old favorite positions and I am better able to get my dick onto her G-Spot. When the ramp comes out I know we’re in for a good time, Jane need only say the words to get a rise out of me, and anything that can produce such results is worthy of praise. I give the ramp high marks, though I wish the price were a bit lower.