The Lelo Billy is a vibrating prostate stimulator which has more than satisfied my envy of Jane’s Lelo toys for ladies. It’s gentle when you want it, strong when you need it, versatile, long lasting, rechargeable… I am nothing but impressed.

What I Really Liked

• Rumbles (not buzzes) with good power
• Rechargeable and goes for hours
• Silicone texture/properties are ideal
• Quiet even when turned up
• Versatile use as general massager
• Girth and angle are great for P-Spot

Physical Description

At 6.5″ in length (4″ insertable) and 1.12″ in diameter, the Billy is moderately sized and very comfortably inserted. A modest curve in the body permits easy focus on the prostate without being overly aggressive. The business end is made of silky smooth body safe silicone which has a matte texture that lube clings to (but is easily cleaned).

It comes packaged in Lelo’s signature box (very nice presentation), which is suitable for storage, and comes with a charger, satin storage bag, warranty booklet, and operator’s manual.


The Billy’s controller is a depressible disk on the unit face with 4 options; vibration intensity up/down, and mode selection up/down. There are 5 modes to choose from which include; pulsing of varying speeds, waves of vibration, and constant vibe. Each mode can be fine tuned in any of 7 available speeds which range from gentle hum to intense rumble.

Lelo BillyUnit is easily rechargeable and includes a lit LED ring around the control disk that indicates; low battery, active charging, and a full charge. Complete charge takes a little over an hour and (in my experience) the vibrator operates continuously for more than two hours before need for recharge. Billy’s Li-ion battey (like the one in your cell phone) does not require any special care like the NiCad battery in your cordless drill. Leave it plugged in, let it run down, whatever.

Your prostate is the obvious target for this toy, but it also serves very well wherever vibration can be appreciated. For me, the perineum and frenulum also respond very well to the Billy.

Care and Cleaning

This toy is made of silicone so use of silicone based lubes will damage it. The manufacturer recommends water based lubes only.

The Billy is not waterproof, that is to say it is not submersible. Therefore you must take some caution when cleaning it to avoid the charging port, which is covered by a soft plastic tab. I have found cleaning with warm soap and water to be very easy. Storage in the included satin drawstring pouch will ensure your toy’s material integrity.

My Experience

Consistent with other prostate simulators I’ve used, the effect on my prostate is slow to build; at first it’s a challenge to focus beyond the anal aspects, but as arousal progresses prostate sensation becomes more consuming. Where Billy goes beyond the others is its power… as my need for stimulation increases the adjustable vibration and modes of operation deliver!

The Billy is insertable but is not meant as a stay-put plug so you’ll need to keep one hand on the unit to prevent an undesired exit. I found solo play with Billy while also masturbating a bit positionally awkward (due to the hands-on requirement) but I got over that quickly. The orgasms I have with Billy are quality enough to forgive any shortfalls.

Billy deep blueVibration from the Billy is focused and penetrating. When inserted anally and focused on my prostate, Jane noted that she could feel the vibration all the way through the tip of my dick.

While great for prostate massage, I found this power alluring for perineum and frenulum massage as well. Sitting on the vibrating Billy while it lays flat beneath my perineum is a distracting and comforting sensation while sitting at the PC or watching a movie. I’ve used it to tease out throbbing responses from the head of my dick and I’ve grasped it lengthwise astride my cock to stroke myself with its persistent rumbling. All very good, I assure you.

A minimal amount of water based lube glides onto Billy’s matte textured silicone and stays put. A light sheen is all that’s needed for comfortable insertion. The silicone itself has a silky smooth feel to it, not tacky like some silicone toys, it cleans easily, and does not attract lint like I’ve come to expect from the material. I don’t know what Lelo did different than everyone else, but their silicone is great!

The Billy is a fantastic toy and rising quickly in the ranks of my top favorites for masturbation. I haven’t recruited Jane to use the toy on me [yet] but I expect to soon. A blow job while her hand works control of the Billy on my prostate would be extraordinary.

Lelo warranties the quality of my Billy for a full year. And for 10 YEARS they guarantee it will continue to satisfy without defect, promising a generous trade-in if it falters. I’m deeply satisfied with (and by) this product and cannot recommend it highly enough to those who appreciate prostate play.