Blow JobWe just got a question posed to us on our ‘Ask Us‘ forum that is an EXCELLENT question! Someone was paying attention, noticed something interesting, and now wants to know what’s going on!

It was a question from someone self identified only as “Swallower”… “Can swallowing semen affect a girl’s waste output? I had been noticing some pretty potent pee lately, but couldn’t make a connection between any new foods or environmental concerns. Then I noticed a correlation between swallowing and the strong smell. A day after, bingo. Am I nuts?

We’ve already passed this gem onto our panel of experts and will update ‘Ask Us‘ as soon as they have weighed in. In the meantime, I figure we can leverage the curiosity of our thousands of readers to conduct an online experiment into the metabolization of nature’s original protein shake!

Pass this one on to your friends, the more data we collect the better!

Ladies: In the name of SCIENCE suck down a little (or a lot) of your man’s Nad Nectar and pay close attention to your urine stream the next morning. Things that are good for you, like Asparagus and multivitamins, change the quality of your golden stream… and if semen does this too it can only mean one thing!

Everyone knows semen is packed with nutritional goodness and can cure everything from depression to headaches to wrinkles, fat, and aging and even prevent breast cancer!* What do you have to lose? Just run your little experiment for the sake of your sister (“Swallower”) and report back here with your results. In fact, I recommend you run the trial at least 2 or 3 times to ensure confidence in your results.

The Morning After Swallowing My Man’s Baby Gravy, My Urine Was: [iframe width=”100%” height=”160″ src=”’Trebuchet+MS’,Verdana,Arial,Sans-serif&hideq=true&purl=”]

Gentlemen: You’re welcome! Consider improving your taste and/or buying her a toy to thank her for participating.

* don’t believe everything you read online!