Female OrgasmJane and I did not have sex (intercourse specifically) until our wedding night. Being 24 and 20, and horny 24/7, we did just about everything else however.

Like for most other men in America, my virginity was never a point of virtue and so I gladly waved farewell to it long before I met Jane. My dating experiences were mixed but I learned that vaginal intercourse was nearly always a better way to get me off than her. It just seemed so much like work sometimes; getting the angle right to support both thrusting and a thumb on her clit, relying on oral sex afterward (which is never as much fun for me), performance anxieties… how is it supposed to be fun?

Jane was different from the start. Indelible in my memory is the first time she let me go down on her at her parent’s house, she was gorgeous and horny and hot as hell. I was fully clothed at the time and she was fresh out of the shower. She came so easily I almost didn’t believe it had happened. I didn’t find out until many years later that Jane had been masturbating to orgasm since she was only 6 years old. The girl knows how to get off! Before marriage, we were able to have simultaneous orgasms just from rubbing our genitals together. We’ve been coming together, in unison, ever since. This makes for amazingly enjoyable sex.

We’ve been trying new things lately to keep our sex life fresh. One thing Jane has started doing is this thing where she straddles me reverse so that I get a good view of her pussy while she gives me a hand job or fellates me. Sometimes she’s standing, sometimes it’s more of a 69 type position, but the idea is for me to watch not eat. Like any red blooded male, how can I possibly resist the temptation to reach out and touch. I did… I do. The last time she played this wonderful trick I slowly circled a finger around her ass and then stuck it in. I can get to her G-Spot this way and that’s exactly where I went. It wasn’t long before we were both convulsing in orgasmic delight… it was very intense for both of us. The experience reminded me just how easy it is, that I can make Jane come with just one finger… and in her ass to boot!

I thank my lucky stars that I married an orgasmic woman!