The Magic PillGentlemen… if you are in a long term relationship you are undoubtedly familiar with occasional rejections like; “I’m too tired”, “I have a headache”, or that familiar menace “Maybe tomorrow dear, after they discharge me from the hospital”. The fact is, these are not rejections at all… they are calls for help.

Too few men realize that a woman (as odd as it sounds) wants more than just a penis thrust between her legs. She needs to feel that you are sensitive to her needs, a loving partner committed to her well being, a selfless and attentive companion.

You can be that man she dreams of. Let her see past your squishy, hairy exterior to the hunky, romance novel hero inside. With my help you can slash your way through the onslaught of concocted excuses, rescue her from imagined obstacles, and deliver her to orgasmic bliss!

What follows is an easy reference guide with the most common female deflections and their proper responses. Just stick to the guide and you’ll attain hero status in no time!

1. “Not tonight dear, I’m cramping.” Response: I have a cure for that!
2. “Not tonight dear, I have a headache.” Response: I have a cure for that!
5. “What are you doing? I’m sick.” Response: I have a cure for that!
4. “I feel fat and unattractive.” Response: Let me help you
3. “Are you fucking SERIOUS?!” Response: Let me sooth you
3. “I’m so pissed at you right now!” Response: I deserve it
4. “No. I fear heart disease.” Response: I can help you!
8. “I’m in an emotional malaise.” Response: I can make you happy
9. “It’s too cold.” Response: Let me warm you
10. “You’re a liar!” Response: It will grow on you
11. “Don’t you have yard work?” Response: I’ll take care of it
12. “I can’t stand the sight of you!” Response: I’ll accommodate
13. “I need a hero.” Response: Tra la LAAAH!
14. “I need a snack high in protein, low in carbs.” Response: Let me feed you
15. “There’s an eye lash stuck to my cornea!” Response: Let me flush that out

Good luck gentlemen! And you’re welcome.