Sexy Exercise Ball

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“Anna S Fitness Ball”
found on Hegre-Art

Have you ever been doing something completely innocuous, like shaping up with a Fitness Ball, or watching someone else shape up with a Fitness Ball, and had a sudden fantasy pop into your head? Yeah, me too. Except I was scrolling through porn blogs at the time.

POW! Out of nowhere, I now have need to invest in a Fitness Ball (and then figure out where the hell to store it). Never mind the blood rushing to Jane’s head… prone-and-ready-to-bounce is Dick’s newest outrageous request of his adoring and all-too-willing-to-accommodate wife. Don’t worry Dear, I won’t bounce you anywhere near the stairwell.

I imagine it might look something like this, but a bit slower and with more rebound. The idea of hurling myself off of our kids’ bunk bed directly onto a shock absorbing lady’s derrière demonstrates both my sexual inventiveness and my forever 13 year old maturity.

Then, like manna from sexy heaven, my Tumblr dash served up this beauty (click to reveal).

Mercy. So many ways to fantasize about Jane’s ass! The tease of that bunny tail plug is almost too much. Almost. I even went looking online and I found some here (in our own store!) and here. This tasty animated gif has been brought to you by Nikki and Nate via their blog Sex And Sultry, so big thanks to them!

Speaking of our sexy store full of vibrators, butt plugs, sex games, cock rings, masturbation sleeves, silicone, leather, and steel (that was for Google, sorry), I am constantly finding products in there which trigger my lusty imagination. No, I don’t have Alzheimer’s… we are not responsible for the inventory and there are 100,000+ items. We discover the content just like you!

Today I found this curious vibrator, which is purportedly the product of an idea sketched by a man and wife on a paper napkin… patent now pending. Not a very creative origin story and the G-Vibe looks like the child of a fun night shared by Split Dildo and Lelo Isla. Still… this video really makes me want Jane to want one!

One thing is clear, I really need to update our Fantasy Box with some of this stuff. Date nights are going to get very interesting in 2013.