I’ve just found your blog and really appreciate what you’re doing. I had a question about pleasuring my wife’s ass with my tongue. My wife enjoys having me eat her out while she’s on her elbows and knees – which provides more than perfect access to her incredibly sexy little asshole. I have played “around” it, but never really taken a deep plunge with my tongue. I’d like to experiment with it, but I’m a little afraid of the health risks associated. What are the risks and what can be done to reduce them? Thanks!

– Tossing The Salad

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Health risks include a whole host of human pathogens including; bacteria, viruses, and parasites. For some scary specifics Wikipedia sums it up pretty well. Ick!Assess your own risk! You used the word “wife” so I’ll assume you have some exclusivity in your relationship and you know about your wife’s state of health… like if she had tape worms you’d probably know that already, right? Or Hepatitis for that matter. My guess is you’re most concerned about fecal matter or normal fecal bacteria and that’s not the health problem you think it might be.

Simple anal hygiene will suffice and I’ll get to that in a minute but there’s something you need to get over first. Your wife’s ass will never be sterile unless you wash her out with alcohol, you would have a lot more fun if the alcohol went in the other end! Or… you could wash her out with iodine, boil her ass, or autoclave it but none of these seem practical to me. You WILL get bacteria (including a strain of E-coli which has a mutualistic relationship with humans) in your mouth but don’t worry they will not hurt you, they like your kind.

If you are of the opinion that shit probably tastes like shit I’m right there with ya. That’s the shit you have to avoid. Soap and water on the anus should be enough to clean what’s on the outside. A preparatory rectal flush will wash away any hidden surprises. She could even go so far as to insert a soapy finger in her ass while in the shower or bath to really tidy things up. I’ve answered a question like this before, have a peek.

When it comes time to toss the salad take care not to spread the [invariably present] bacteria around. In the vagina or urethra they can cause unwanted infection and your wife would not enjoy that… no matter how much alcohol you put in the other end.