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Vanilla and spice. Intimate and explicit. This is our collection of sexy favorites found tumbling around on Tumblr. It is couples oriented and [mostly] balanced well for both him and her. Share this photo blog with your lover and browse together for inspiration.

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  • Gina G.
    #1 written by Gina G. 3 years ago

    Hey Dick and Jane,

    I love the new sight, looks awesome! I love the Erotic Photos for Couples section. BEN and I check it out on a regular basis both together and separate. They are beautiful, yet really hot! I especially love the oral sex photos and of course the photos of the guys and their big dick’s ( makes my pussy really wet!). Wish you had a few more male cum shots however, I really get off on those. The women in the photos are really beautiful and sexy. I’m not into women but I do appreciate the beauty of the women in the photos. Well gotta put my vibrator away and get some sleep. Sincerely, Gina

  • SpicyWifey
    #2 written by SpicyWifey 3 years ago

    Dick and Jane – what a great website and an inspiration to us couples in committed, long-term relationships who live normal, every day lives, but who realize that spicing up our sex lives brings us closer and helps us enjoy life to its fullest. Your pics in this section are so artfully done and both men AND women can enjoy them together. Too often, porn is made for men and it can be a real turn off for women to watch it together. SpicyHubby and I have tried many nights only to be let down and less “in the mood” because of the limited choices. I know that there are porn lines that are becoming more couples oriented, but it can still be hard to find. Thanks so much for bringing us a great resource for erotic art in the form of pictures!

    • Dick
      #3 written by Dick 3 years ago

      What a great comment to find waiting for us! I think you summed it up pretty well… we try to provide content which is good for every day couples, all the while hoping we are hitting the mark. Thanks for your feedback SpicyWifey, it’s great validation of what we do here.

  • SpicyWifey
    #4 written by SpicyWifey 3 years ago

    DIck – thank you for such a wonderful response. Along with my husband (SpicyHubby), I’ve been starting to share some of my thoughts and a little of our adventures in a blog with the hopes of helping other couples like us (eh-hemmm…say, mid-40s lol) realize that it’s incredible to take your sex life up a notch or two and that it can bring a committed couple so much closer together. You and Jane have given me inspiration to keep on writing! (Because I’m new I have maybe 3 visitors a day…lol…but I’ll keep at it.). We’re at if you’re so inclined and if you have any advice (and critiques) for me I’d sincerely appreciate it.

  • August MacGregor
    #5 written by August MacGregor 2 years ago

    Sexy, sensual photos of many lovely ladies. Very nice choices!

  • Ben G.
    #6 written by Ben G. 2 years ago

    Hey Dick! It has been awhile since I commented, love the new site.

    I was enjoying the hot photographs as my loving wife Gina sucked me off. I just wanted to say and please take this as a compliment, but Jane has an awesome body ( great ass!) and I mean this with all due respect sir. Anyway, just thought I would drop a note and say thanks for the awesome site!

    Ben and Gina G.

  • Jane and Dick
    #7 written by Jane and Dick 2 years ago

    Thanks for the pictures. My boyfriend and I are childhood sweethearts and yes our names really are Dick and Jane. So we get quite a lot of pleasure from your artful and sexy pictures! Thanks.

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