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Not pictures. Not movies. These animated gifs are silent, yet captivating loops of intimate moments and hardcore fucking. We used to keep this collection private, just shared between us, but we decided to share it with you too. Have fun and try not to drip anything sexy into your keyboard.

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  • Curt
    #1 written by Curt 3 years ago

    This to me is the best adult site on the net.. Keep em coming and me too..

    • Dick
      #2 written by Dick 3 years ago

      Thanks Curt! We like it too… and positive feedback never gets old! Thanks for taking the time to share your appreciation.

  • randy rascal
    #3 written by randy rascal 3 years ago

    unable to view your hot -GIFS for couples.
    message appears: “the requested content cannot be loaded. Please try later.”

    • Dick
      #4 written by Dick 3 years ago

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention Randy! I have a plugin (FancyBox) with an issue but I have been able to work around it. Now fixed!

  • randy rascal
    #5 written by randy rascal 3 years ago

    Thanks. Love “Dick-n-Jane”! Your site, especially with your Erotic photos, GIFs and posts, is delightful, stimulating and enlightening.

  • randy rascal
    #6 written by randy rascal 3 years ago

    Wanted to like your site with a review on but, when I clicked on your link, I saw “We’re sorry, but the website reviews feature has been retired.”

  • August MacGregor
    #7 written by August MacGregor 3 years ago

    Hot and steamy GIFs! I really like the variety of positions that you’ve chosen. Thanks for posting these with the public and not just sharing among yourselves any longer. I’m sure you’re getting a lot of viewers’ blood pumping faster!

  • LM
    #8 written by LM 3 months ago

    I love these gifs they can really set the mood very quickly.
    How can I share gifs with my boyfriend?

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