MoabJane and I were riding our bikes through a gorgeous desert landscape outside Moab, Utah. It was mid-morning and the sun had just begun to chase away the remnants of a frigid night. The only sounds were tires on rock and sand beneath the steady rhythm of our breaths. Our isolation seemed absolute… though we were on a well mapped trail through one of the world’s premier mountain biking regions.

I had been riding for miles behind Jane, watching her muscular butt through tight black spandex as it worked to propel her through sand and over stone hills. We stopped to rest… and that’s when the tight black spandex shorts came off.

Our bikes were left next to the trail and we wandered about 30 feet away to an outcropping of rock suitable to hide us (mostly) from view. Two pair of black shorts and two pair of cycling shoes were cast aside and we bared our naked bottom halves to the warming sunshine. It felt great to be exposed out there; vulnerable and exciting at the same time.

We tangled in each other this way and that for a while, there were fingers and oral sex involved, but eventually settled into my fucking Jane from behind. There was a short ledge, about waist high, that Jane leaned over and placed her hands on. She widened her stance and tilted her pelvis forward, making access to her hungry pussy effortless as I stood behind her.

There is a vivid image in my head of this event, but it is not during the sex… it is afterward when I stopped to take in my surroundings. Snow covered mountain peaks loomed in the distance behind red cliffs carved from an ancient sea. But standing before me, still in receptive position, was Jane. The heat of the desert sun had pushed tiny drops of sweat from her pores, making her skin shine in the light. She was posed as if leaning on the hood of a car being frisked, wearing only a sports bra and white socks, and with my come dripping out of her pussy and splashing on the sandstone between her feet.

There are so many reasons to love mountain biking in southern Utah! I can’t wait to go back.