Hitachi Magic WandJANE SAYS: The Hitachi Magic Wand is a very powerful vibrator, probably because it runs on electricity from your wall rather than batteries. The one thing I will say for the Magic Wand is that it NEVER fails to get me off. That said, I’m not sure I would call the orgasms I get from it highly enjoyable. This is due mainly to how quickly it works its magic for me. I’m not a ”power girl”…I’m one of those lucky, easily orgasmic people, so something this powerful is actually a bit uncomfortable for me and it makes me come so quickly (I kid you not, in under a minute) that it kind of takes all the fun out of it. However; if I’m in one of those moods where I just can’t seem to get there, it will do the trick, or if I just want to have a quick orgasm for some reason, again, it will do the trick. It has a numbing effect after the fact and it causes itching of the skin. It’s better to put something between you and the wand like a towel or your clothes or something, this cuts down on the itching effect. There is a penetration attachment that fits over the end that is somewhat more enjoyable. It helps to cut down on the power a bit and has a nice ridge that hits the clit nicely. It’s a little awkward to hold, however.

DICK SAYS: Relatively inexpensive, available at drug stores everywhere, and cleverly disguised as an innocuous back and shoulder massager… surely anyone can feel comfortable with this toy. It has a long cord, which is useful, that plugs it directly into a wall outlet. No batteries to wear out at inopportune times and a motor that could drive a go-cart. This thing really delivers in the vibration category, you can feel the vibes move right through you and out the other side.

Direct contact with skin can produce an irritating itch so it’s best to use some material (washcloth, towel, clothing, etc.) between it and you. I’ve been able to make myself come by holding the wand’s head directly on my frenulum but its definitely more effective on Jane. The Hitachi Magic Wand can take Jane from “No” to “O” in under 30 seconds… no kidding. But downstream of such intense pleasure is a vexing (though temporary) numbing effect.

There are also attachments available that will transfer the vibrations internally and take them directly to your G-Spot or Prostate. I haven’t tried this myself, Jane has but she’s been mysteriously quiet about the effect. I sure hope I don’t have any competition there!

The Magic Wand is one of the most popular and widely available sex toys anywhere, and with good reason. You would not regret purchasing one, just be mindful of the perils great power brings.