Black Light Beauty

Photo from Rochard’s Bunny Ranch

Some years ago, I purchased a black light and a fist full of fluorescent highlighters. As far as sex toys go, these items are one the cheap side and don’t foster any awkward glances with a cashier.

There are incandescent bulbs on the market, with deep violet colored glass, marketed as black lights… don’t fall for it. Real black lights are fluorescent tubes or CFL’s, there are no incandescent substitutes.

Let creativity be your guide as you paint your partner in vivid ink. While the effect is really cool, the process (depending on the complexity of your art) can be slow… and slow is good. Forget the sensual oils, candles, and other crap pushed by purveyors of the romantic status quo. Felt tip pens or hands dipped in the right kind of ink can create a wonderfully prolonged and sensual experience.

One time I spent the better part of an hour drawing a yellow polka dot bikini on Jane. Her skin was dark under the black light and the highly contrasting ink bikini was lit up like a neon sign. She was completely naked, of course, but she looked ready for the beach.

It was intimate and fun time spent together. The end result was fascinating and hysterical, we laughed, we played, and we fucked like crazy. When it was over I flicked the regular light on and… *poof*.. the bikini was gone.