beautifully Bare Down ThereJane cuts my and our sons’ hair and she does a good job too! She doesn’t tell everyone but she’s a beauty school drop-out, she may not be certified legal but she’s no slouch with the scissors either. This week I’m sportin’ a new do… thanks Jane!

To return the favor I cut her hair as well… not the hair on her head though, the other hair. This is a job like no other, it’s not like cleaning the gutters or mowing the lawn, I LOVE this job! The kids were asleep and it was just me, Jane, and the clippers (affectionately known as “the beaver cleaver”). I gave her a nicely trimmed triangle, that points like a hairy arrow right at her clit, and shaved the rest. Did I mention that I love this job?

Jane and I have an agreement; I cut, she showers, I eat. And it’s an all-I-can-eat sort of deal. It starts off simple enough with gentle nibbles on the inner thigh and outer lips… I take my time working up to tracing lines from her ass, through the fold between her inner and outer labia, up and over the side of her clitoral hood. The tip of my tongue works well to massage the urethral sponge on the front wall of her vagina and to make tight circles around her clit. With puckered lips I suck her clit like it were a little tiny dick and use two fingers to explore the front and back walls of her pussy, resting eventually on her G-Spot in tight circles.

When she’s about to come… I back off. I’ll do this, taking her right to the edge and not letting her release, as many times as she can stand it. It’s exquisite torture. When I finally let her come the orgasmic spasms seize all her voluntary control and she bucks and writhes for what seems like a very long time. I’d go all night if she’d let me but once is about all she cares to handle.

Those glistening pussy lips sure do make a man’s work worth while!  ;o)