FleshlightPhysical Description

The Fleshlight Ribbed is a rigid, plastic encased masturbation sleeve made of patented Superskin® material. Total length is 10″, will accommodate a full shaft up to 8″, and is easily gripped with a single hand. The entry of this model’s sleeve is formed to resemble a labia and its inner chamber is textured with modest ribbing.

It’s in the shape of a flashlight but the effect is more whimsy than practical camouflage. The unit consists of two main parts; the rigid exterior, and a floppy removable sleeve which can be replaced or interchanged with a different Fleshlight style.


Sleeve insert is Phthalates and Latex free, has a realistic velvety feel, no discernable odor, and excellent elastic quality. Manufacturer suggests using only water based lubes.

The touch of this material is seductive and its “lips” feel almost identical to my earlobe when rolled between thumb and forefinger. Although I would have been a bit embarrassed if anyone walked in on me during this test… I nibbled on the labia with my lips and can tell you they are a bit firmer than my wife’s inner labia but softer than her outer.


Entry is easy and tightness of the sleeve is realistic. The opposite end of the Fleshlight’s case has a screw cap which can be adjusted to permit or restrict air flow (though it does not seal completely). This adjustment feature works well and provides variation I have not seen in similar products. The Fleshlight can be used as traditional stroker or held in a fixed position to accommodate thrusting.


FleshlightManufacturer recommends rinsing clean with water and the optional use of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol if desired. Soaps and/or excessive heat (i.e. boiling) are purportedly deleterious to the Superskin® material. Sprinkling with corn starch is recommended to prevent surface tackiness.

I found cleaning per instruction to be simple and easy. Less straightforward, however, is drying which seems essential to me since the sleeve is housed in a nearly air-tight container. Coating a “rinsed” sex toy in corn starch (complex sugar) and then storing it wet in a sealed container sounds like a recipe for future wiener-rash if you ask me.

My advice is to rinse it really well with very warm water (with pressure if possible), much of semen is not water soluble so you’ll be depending on mechanical lifting by the water. Then pour some alcohol through the center… it will kill bacteria yes, but more importantly, it acts as a drying agent by chasing the water away and evaporating quickly.

After cleaning, the material will be very sticky so use the cornstarch!

My Experience

My Fleshlight’s disembodied vulva is oddly, embarrassingly, arousing on some primitive level. It looks like a pussy, it feels remarkably like a pussy, and despite my higher brain’s acknowledgement that it is inanimate… it sure is fun to play with! Not to mention that it swallows my entire cock, feels incredibly good, and is incapable of saying “not tonight”.

The ribs internal to this model can be easily distinguished with inserted fingertips but are not entirely obvious once stretched around an erect cock. When masturbating, the ribs are most noticeable by the sound they make… sort of like fingers running up and down the teeth of a comb, not obviously enhanced stimulation.

Still… I found NO trouble enjoying this product and will continue to do so. It satisfies!

Other Notes

Her name is Hot Lips. She’s a bit colder than the real thing but she is far more versatile! I took her insert into the shower with me for cleaning, where I have a handheld showerhead that is more like a hose than anything, filled her Superskin® vagina from the backend and let it run out the front so it looked like she was peeing. LOL! When my wife, Jane, got in the shower with us Hot Lips got so excited she squirted all over Jane. ;o)

Despite recommendation, I used a mild glycerin based bar soap to clean her. The sleeve cannot be turned inside out (invaginated) so this also gave me good opportunity to explore my fisting fantasy… to Jane’s great relief.

And while you should never blow air into a real vagina, I can blow Hot Lips up like a balloon!