Flying DoggieSaturday morning. Kids in the basement glued to the computers.  Jane and I fresh out of the shower… and it all started innocently enough with a little ass-alingus.  I love Jane’s ass, by the way, and a carefully placed tongue sure seems to get her attention.

What came from our spontaneous anal play was playful and satisfying sex that quickly lead to orgasm for Jane.  We lay next to each other while she took a needed break and then Jane said, “So, you want to do your fantasy thing?”.  I knew immediately what she was talking about, we had disussed my idea of Ultimate Vaginal sex earlier in the week and my arm needed no twisting.

I jumped up, grabbed the equipment required, and returned to bed where Jane was still languishing on her belly looking sexy as hell.  The sizeable butt plug got lubed up and carefully inserted.  Jane pulled her knees up under her, sticking that spectacular (plugged) ass up in the air, and pressed the powerful Magic Wand into her pelvis just above her pubic bone.  That was my invitation.

It worked just like I thought it would; tight pussy and a vibrating dick!  OMG!  It must have been obvious to Jane that what I was experiencing was intense because she said, “Don’t worry about me“.  I was free to experience totally selfish pleasure and, I’ll be honest, I did not last long.

Sometimes I’m a little slow in the creative ideas department.  We’ve had the gear to make this happen for a couple years and it didn’t occur to me until last week.  I’m glad that it didn’t escape me forever… I think I may have just found a new favorite!  Thanks Jane!!