Jane By Fire Light

click for a better view, trust me!

When you ditch work for the sole purpose of getting laid it can make for awkward next-day conversation at the water cooler. “So, what did you do yesterday?”, they always ask. “I shot a hot load of cum deep into my wife’s ass”, I’d like to say before taking another sip of water and watching their eyes react.

Actually, that would only tell part of the story… and it’s not really fair to cut out the true context of Jane’s and my day off together. We’re a couple months into an upswing, enjoying a closeness and fondness for each other that goes missing sometimes. Long term relationships can be like that, going through cycles where the intimacy gap waxes and wanes in a slow rhythm beneath the melody of lives intertwined. Sometimes Jane’s love is so strong that she even looks past my mixed metaphors.

Our day to day responsibilities leave little room for spontaneity so we try to push the clutter aside and plan quality (i.e. sexy) time together. She took the kids to school while I lit a fire, dusted off the massage table, and warmed up the coconut oil. The anticipation hardwired into such prep work is enough to make a soft man hard.

I spent the next hour hungrily touching every inch of her; every muscle, every freckle, every fold. We were in constant intimate contact in peaceful surroundings, our world of other obligations melted and evaporated into nothing. It was just us. Together and in love like the day we married, naked and in tune with each others’ every breath. Massage is a wonderful gift of sharing and we recommend it highly.

Of course, all that naked touching often leads to other, ahem, “activities”. I pulled down our 10′ wide movie screen, cranked up the projector, and popped in the DVD Genital Massage For Women, an excellent walk-through of erotic massage that Jane loves nearly as much as I do. There’s nothing like a 10 foot wide pussy showing you right where it needs to be touched. I’m pretty sure Jane enjoyed it, though she had trouble speaking to tell me so.

(Cautionary note: when turning up the audio/video equipment mid-massage be wary of what you touch and how. Otherwise your kids might be asking the next day “why are the remotes all oily?”)

We showered together, I helped her soap the excess oil from places hard to reach and places fun to touch. We dried our bodies, brushed our hair, got ourselves ready for the day… and then went back to bed. The details, which messed up our bed so badly, do not need to be mentioned but I will say Jane has talents only I really know about. Wowza!

Back at the water cooler… I want to explain that Jane’s ass was completely irresistible because she surprised me with a jeweled butt plug much like this one. She ordered it, received it, and inserted it without my catching on. I discovered it peeking out between her cheeks like she was Queen of the Assholes. I kneeled, I kissed, and then I took the Queen’s precious jewel and fucked her real good.

I’d love to imagine what goes through my co-workers jealous little heads when I leave for a week at Spring Break.