Beautiful BlowjobIt was the blow job that brought me around. Time alone with Jane is too infrequent, our sitter arrangement had dissolved, and so too had Jane’s desire. I was disappointed, feeling sorry for myself, and my balls ached with the weight of unsatisfied longing.

Then Jane started complaining about her choice of underwear… apparently they are supposed to be “thong” in the back only, not the front too. She went upstairs to change. I went upstairs to watch. Within minutes I was standing bedside with my dick out of my pants, Jane was naked from the waist down laying on her belly on the bed and hungrily sucking.

Her legs were bent at the knees, feet playing with each other in the air just above her ass. This is what I could not take my eyes off of, her spectacular naked ass… that was just out of reach. I wanted to fuck that ass, but for the moment I was happily fucking Jane’s face.

Jane is not a swallower, usually, but today she gave me the gift of lustfully consuming the satisfaction she had sown. I really needed to get off today and I could not have predicted this outcome. Jane’s efforts cleared my one track mind and lifted my defeated mood. She put me back on track.

She knows me. She loves me. I’m deeply grateful for these things.

Not to mention that she sucks Dick like a porn star! ;o)