Coconut OilI have inadvertently discovered my new favorite lube! Over the years, Dick and I have tried a pretty extensive variety of lubes; Ky, Silk, water based, silicone, silicone blend, flavored…I could go on. We have also sampled a variety of oils for massaging each other; from your garden variety baby oil to expensive scented massage oils, but nothing (I kid you not) can compare to this find!

I am a self-educated, self-proclaimed nutritionist at heart and have learned through extensive research that coconut oil is one of the worlds most healthful foods. Coconut oil has been found to help normalize blood lipids and protect against damage to the liver from toxins, can play a role in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases, and is associated with improved blood sugar and insulin control. Coconut oil is less sensitive to heat than other oils (won’t oxidize as easily) so it’s great for stir-fry and sauteing. We keep coconut oil in our house to cook with; we fry chicken, fish, eggs, pork, saute spinach, and other varieties of veggies in it, put it in smoothies, pancakes and even bake with it. But it never occurred to us to use it as a massage oil, much less a sex lube.

We recently acquired Jaiya’s Red Hot Touch DVD series in which she suggests coconut oil as her massage oil of choice, so we tried it. Let me tell you it was nothing less than awesome! It smells great, it’s nice and slippery yet not greasy, will completely absorb into the skin leaving it silky smooth, and…it even tastes good.

Coconut oil is a commercially available food product which is widely available and costs far less than most lubricants marketed for sex. Like all oils, coconut oil does not dry out or get sticky and does not wash away readily with (or in ;o) water. It can be cleaned up easily with soap and water or left on… it’s good for the skin.

I was a little concerned at first when Jaiya recommended using it on the labia and even inside the vagina, some oils can be disruptive to delicate vaginal flora, but well…I was in the midst of an incredible genital massage and just went with it. It caused no problems whatsoever. We have since used it as a sex lube many times with no adverse affects. I love that I can use it to give Dick a hand job and that, once applied, the option to suck him hasn’t lost its appeal due to the icky flavor of typical lube.

One downside to coconut oil is that at temperatures below about 80°F it becomes solid. It is easily rendered into a liquid state with a quick zap in the microwave or by simply setting it in a bath of warm water for about 5-10 minutes. It will stay in its liquid state for a good hour…so a little planning ahead is in order if you live in a cold climate. Give it a try!