Half MoonThere are parts of me which are folicularly gifted. My legs, for instance. Unfortunately, the hair fairy wasn’t quite sure where my legs ended and my butt began and she got a bit carried away. Thankfully she noticed my waistline and stopped there.

Periodically, I whip out the clippers and restore order to my cheeky bush. On rare occasions while I’m clipping I say “Ah, what the hell!”, pop the guard off the clippers, and take it right down to the skin. Doing this requires a special sort of amnesia… the kind that makes me forget about the prickly bottom and irritating bumps from the time before.

So there I was, twisted into an inhuman position, shearing pubic wool on cheek #1 when I heard my battery powered clippers begin to fade. Crap! I hastened my pace as much as possible but the battery died just as I finished the first cheek.

A battery recharge takes hours and, frankly, I won’t have another opportunity to finish until tomorrow. I just KNOW Jane is going to see me naked later. She’ll point and laugh… and I will have to explain how I ended up with this half-ass haircut.