Bodygroom Shaver (Philips)


DICK SAYS: Does what it claims!  It’s the only thing with a blade that I’ll let anywhere near my junk.  Note that the Bodygroom Shaver’s intended purpose is light duty… don’t expect to clear any jungles with it.  In my opinion, it works better as a shaver than a trimmer, the included guards either get clogged up with hair or pin the hair to your skin out of the blade’s reach.  I love that it is water proof; which makes it easy to clean, and makes it useful in the shower where I like to lather More >

Stroke 29

Stroke 29 (Gun Oil)


DICK SAYS: I am a man who appreciates a good hand job, be that by Jane’s hand or by my own (though, just between you and me, Jane’s hand is a lot better). Typically, I go at it dry… Jane is more likely to use lube on me than I am. The water based stuff gets sticky, the silicon stuff is too slippery, and oil based lubes get messy. The clean up just isn’t worth it! Stroke 29 seems to strike a perfect balance of; easy to handle (no drip!), slick (but not too slick!), long lasting, and easy clean More >

Pure Plug

Pure Plugs (njoy)


DICK SAYS: Njoy toys are artfully crafted from stainless steel, packaged like fine jewelry, and are both beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. Among the many things there are to love about these toys, two that stand out for me are; weight, and thermal inertia. You can warm them up or cool them down and they take their own sweet time surrendering to your body’s temperature. The bigger the toy, the longer the effect.

Jane and purchased the smallest of three available butt plugs (1″ diameter More >

Imperial Band

Imperial Metal Cock Ring (Gear Essentials)


DICK SAYS: Before I tell you how this stainless steel cock ring effects sex with Jane, I have to tell you that I wear it around casually on my cock like some private piece of man-jewelry… my secret bling! When going commando the weight gives my package a gentle pull and a little extra swing, it prevents uncomfortable junk-squeezing between the legs, and in underwear it gives my bulge an uplifting boost! What’s not to love?

When I received my cock ring in the mail it’s heftiness surprised me and More >


The Eroscillator


JANE SAYS: Quite possibly (in my humble opinion) the best “vibrator” created to date; and by far my favorite clitoral stimulator.  It seems to me that when a product is advertised it has a tendency to toot it’s own horn and as a consumer you don’t always have the same results. Not so for the Eroscillator, it delivers exactly as promised. It is “whisper quiet”, has an “easily accessible power switch”, “delivers an intense orgasm through powerful yet gentle stimulation” each and every time. It More >

pfun plug

Pfun Plug (njoy)


DICK SAYS: I was introduced to the idea of prostate massagers, for the health benefit *wink* and their unique ability to please, by Kidder Kaper of the Sex is Fun podcast. Soon after, I purchased an Aneros Helix and faithfully followed the instructions with high hope for the incredible orgasm promised. Just like the literature says, it takes time. After about 15 – 20 minutes with the Aneros in my ass I could start to identify the feeling of pressure against my prostate. As I worked my anal More >

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand


JANE SAYS: The Hitachi Magic Wand is a very powerful vibrator, probably because it runs on electricity from your wall rather than batteries. The one thing I will say for the Magic Wand is that it NEVER fails to get me off. That said, I’m not sure I would call the orgasms I get from it highly enjoyable. This is due mainly to how quickly it works its magic for me. I’m not a ”power girl”…I’m one of those lucky, easily orgasmic people, so something this powerful is actually a bit uncomfortable for More >

Liberator Ramp

Liberator Ramp


JANE SAYS: This was one of the first “sex toys” I picked out when Dick suggested I go shopping. I went to the Liberator site which I had heard about through one of our favorite podcasts (SIF). I found that I got very turned on just looking at the pictures. I was very excited to try it out. I was not disappointed.

The point of the liberator ramp is to help create different positions for sex and to enhance the oldie but goodies. The first positions we tried was doggie style. I found the ramp More >

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