GumballsI am 10 years old. The owner of my favorite candy store just handed me her keys and said, “The truck just unloaded this morning, help yourself”.

Ok, I’m not really 10. But I still feel like a kid in a candy store.

Marriage binds for better or for worse. Libidos come and go. Jane’s libido sometimes disappears on extended hiatus without even saying goodbye. And then it returns! Like drenching rain on a scorched desert, it returns.

That’s about one too many metaphors but you get the idea, I’m both excited and relieved that the sex in our lives is vibrant again with Jane’s desire. I want to gorge myself on her, not knowing how long this will last. We have a date night planned, a few afternoon hours without the kids, and I’m trying not to get over zealous in my plans. Keep it simple, Dick. Oh, and… blog about it later, Dick. ;o)