Can You Recommend Anal Toys for Beginners?

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Everyone has a butt… so anal play can be a shared endeavor for couples, something both men and women experience similarly, and creates an unmatched opportunity to understand your partner’s sexual response. We are advocates of the activity and here are some good items to start with:• Fingers are the perfect size and length to explore sensation. They are warm, mostly rigid with a soft exterior, they wiggle, hold lube well, and won’t get lost “up there”. Best use of fingers necessitates well groomed finger nails and/or Latex (or Nitrile) gloves. A partner is better positioned to optimize finger play, but self exploration is not difficult. Fingers are free and won’t embarrass you at the airport.• Anal beads have graduated size and can be inserted as far as is comfortable. Their presence is subtle, they stay put pretty well, and offer a great pleasure boost when pulled out during orgasm (pop-pop-pop!). We recommend Bendybeads, or Hustler Devious Devil Anal Beads, or Silicone X-10 Beads.

Anal probes are gently graduated to introduce a little stretch to your anus while your body works to relax and accommodate its presence. They are not designed to be retained, think of them as small-ish, butt friendly dildos best suited for stimulating the anus itself or as warm-up for something larger. Although marketed as “butt plugs”, we recommend the Dr Joel Kaplan Anal Dilator Kit or Colt Anal Trainer Butt Plug Kit for use as probes (they don’t like to stay in like a good “plug” should).

Butt plugs are engineered to stay put, providing pleasure from internal pressure on the walls of the rectum. The volume a butt plug occupies creates a presence many find enjoyable during sexual play or even worn casually for extended periods. When worn by women, plugs provide a snugger fit and added stimulation for her partner during sex. Angled butt plugs apply targeted pressure against the prostate (in men) or g-spot (in women), are great for solo or partner play, but do not work as well during sex. We recommend Tantus Ryder or Love Pacifier.

Of course, no matter what toy you use, lube is essential. Remember, no silicone lube with silicone toys… and oils work great for butts but not for vaginas. Our favorite all-around lube is Liquid Silk and we often use organic coconut oil as well.

Have fun discovering!