Mans AssPopular culture seems to perpetuate a myth, I have just recently begun to notice it and now I see it everywhere! The pro-sex folks podcasting and writing online today have apparently wised up already… but for popular media it seems there is an area on a man’s body that acts as a barometer of his orientation.

Gay men kiss. Gay men like to receive blowjobs. I like to kiss. And I love to get a good blowjob! Am I gay? Well, no… because I like to do these things with women (ok, one woman named Jane).

Gay men like to put things in their butts. I like to put things in my butt. Does this make me less than straight?

Somehow gay men (and evidently effeminate gay men) claimed the asshole as their own, as if they hiked right up there and stuck a flag pole in it. This, at least, is how popular culture seems to view sex involving a man’s backside. It’s how I used to view my own backside. Sometimes I wonder if this is how Jane still views my backside. ;o)

Developmental Biology taught me the common origins of male and female features. We all start out the same, really, but evolution shaped our parts to fit well together. In the process, evolution was a bit sloppy and left behind some surplus parts.

Nipples are uniquely mammalian and develop early, females make good use of them but men do not. They were never selected against in men because, frankly, they don’t slow you down much when you’re running from a saber-tooth cat. So men have nipples… some have fun with them but they serve no real biological purpose.

The spongy glandular tissue which took on function and formed the Prostate in men is vestigially present in women, a left-over building block never put to practical use by female reproduction. But this incredibly vascular tissue that surrounds the urethra in women is in a vulnerable spot and gets hit every time something plunges into her vagina. So she notices it’s there, notices it feels good to touch… and so Graffenburg gave it a name.

Guys have the same feel-good spongy tissue, only regular sex never touches it! Straight men would almost never discover it by accident… but if your gay partner is using your asshole as a vagina substitute you might. Is it possible that women and men experience the same sensations with G-Spot and Prostate stimulation? There’s no one with first hand experience to ask, but I’d bet money it’s damn close.

For you women out there… remember when you discovered your G-Spot? Help him find his! His sexual attraction and emotional attachment to women makes him straight. Receptive sexual stimulation will not make him gay, it’ll just make him melt.