Aneros MGXPhysical Description

The Aneros MGX is rigid plastic, 4¼” insertable length, and angled modestly to target the prostate. Upward curving tab contacts (and applies pressure to) the perineum, opposite curled arm acts as handle for removal.


Smooth, non-porous plastic. Phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, food-grade material, and latex free. Can be used with water, oil, or silicon based lubricants. Safe to store with toys of other materials.


Developed as a medical device for treatment and prevention of prostatitus, this patented device is now marketed for sexual pleasure as well. When inserted anally, the length and angle are just right to provide modest pressure on the prostate. The neck of the Aneros is such that contractions of the anal sphincter pull the device inward. With the perineum tab acting as an anchor point, this inward motion translates into forward pressure against the prostate. Operation is hands-free.

Rhythmic contractions of your ass muscles produce a massaging effect on the prostate that can lead to incredible orgasm and improved ejaculate volume. Successful use of this product requires extended sessions (30 minutes plus) with an almost meditative focus. As arousal peaks, anal contractions can become involuntary and more rapid. Many users report orgasm is possible without any penis stimulation.


Cleaning is simple with soap and water, alcohol, or boiling. Pat dry, no special care required.

My Experience

This is not my first Aneros product, I previously had the smaller Helix which helped me discover the pleasure in prostate massage. It was a gentle teacher, brought some incredible orgasms, and improved the strength and intensity of my ejaculations (even when not in use). However, it had an aggravating flaw and I eventually discarded it. The perineum tab was small and thin and as it applied continual pressure to a very sensitive area it began to feel like a plastic knife stabbing me (painful). The device could only be used if I placed something between it and me, in most cases it was a cotton cosmetic disc (it’s nice to have a wife around). This only delayed the inevitable discomfort however.

The Aneros MGX is slightly larger than the Helix, which gives it a more filling feeling and less internal movement. Aneros recommends the Helix for first time users and the MGX for more experienced men. I found the MGX to be equally effective as the smaller Helix and I appreciate the fuller sensation provided by the larger size. The perineum tab is larger too… I hoped it would deliver pleasant pressure instead of pain, but it didn’t. Benefit of the tab’s slightly larger profile is completely negated by its more aggressive posture which unforgivingly buries itself in a very tender spot.

Aneros MGX AlteredI get great pleasure from the MGX but only in conjunction with a toy stolen from my children. The toy is called a “popper” and looks like half of a hollow rubber ball, it’s flexible, fits nicely over the Aneros’ perineum tab, and stays put during use.

The MGX is a great device capable of delivering intense pleasure during masturbation or sex with a partner. It’s healthy for your prostate, is good training for prostate pleasure, and improves the strength of pelvic floor muscles.