Interested in trying out anal toys and anal sex but I would like to know how you prepare for such. Is an enema part of what you need and does this cut down on the spontaneity of it? Also, same question for prostate massage. I do like things clean and hygeneic. What lube do you think is best for this?
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Enemas are not necessary but can improve conditions for the squeamish. Your question gives me ideas for a blog entry… but I’m going to keep things pretty simple here. Without knowing your background, let me start with a simple anatomy primer.Digested food exits your system through the anus (I guess that part is obvious). Upstream of that is the rectum and further on up is the colon (reference this). The rectum is a holding container, much like the bladder, that captures and holds waste and has stretch receptors that tell you when its full. The rectum is where sexual recreation takes place and is really the only back-end real estate we need to worry about.

The word “enema’” speaks to me of flushing out the colon and is probably not necessary in most cases. I generally just wash out my rectum with tap water, I refer to this as a rectal rinse-and-spit. If you can do this following your daily bowel movement it should keep your rectum clean for most the day.

More aggressive technique involve fasting and/or colon cleansing, neither of which I have much experience to draw from,

If your bowels are regular it will make your job easier and improve your self confidence around cleanliness, dietary considerations may help here. Once you rinse your rectum clean it should be good for the better part of the day. Practical experience will guide you here.

Personally, we have a shower arrangement that makes rectal rinse-and-spit a simple task but there are products available at your local drug store intended for such purposes. Buy what you need, dump out whatever fluid is in them, and refill with tap water.

For anal play any type of lube will do; water based, oil, or silicone. But if you use a toy be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you are apprehensive about what you might find in the rectum, use latex gloves or a condom and avoid oil based lubes.

I hope this helps you answer some questions about anal play, if you have any follow up question please do not hesitate to ask.