Dick and Jane Together

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The planning started one horny day last month. This past Saturday we put our plan into action and secured nearly four afternoon hours of uninterrupted naked bliss. Surprisingly tough to arrange for parents of three!

It was in a seedy part of town and, in many ways, what you would expect from an hourly-rate Motel, but we spent our short getaway at Mon Chalet. We skipped the clothing optional, swingers’ pool and kept our fucking behind the closed door of our mirror filled room. We didn’t use the giant tub, but we did put the Love Machine to good use!

The meat and potatoes of our sex life has become the “quickie” and the slightly more involved “prolonged quickie”. On our occasional getaways it can be a challenge to pace ourselves in favor of “savor”. Breaking routine is critical… so we try new things and/or new ways of doing the old things. This time was no exception and I had the great fortune of Jane’s assistance in satisfying a long-held fantasy. It deserves a post of its own, so I’ll save it… for now. (update: see this post)

Dick and Jane In The Mirror

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We still manage to find new ways to entertain each other, this is testament to our continual sexual growth together. The growth has come in fits and spurts over the last 16 years, but has transformed the sex we have and our attitudes toward it.

We live with each other’s short comings and we each grow in our own ways, but what keeps our marriage strong is flexibility to change and a conscious effort to devote care and attention to each other. Our lives together are not perfect… but it sure felt that way on Saturday! The drive home was bitter sweet; thrilled and comforted by what we shared, and sad that it was over.

We’re already planning our next sex filled adventure… it promises to be the most incredible yet!