Celtic Cock Ring

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The last time we flew to Mexico I had a good sized stainless steel cock ring in my carry on bag and I wondered what might happen when I went through airport security and customs during our International flight. Nothing, that’s what happened. It probably lit up like neon on the x-ray screen… it didn’t look dangerous (apparently) but it wasn’t of interest either. That or the screeners just didn’t want to go there.

I just got a new hunk of man steel that’s even heftier than the last… it weighs in at a half pound and adorns my package like some private ornament of sexual self indulgence. Our local airport has body scanners now and the wheels of juvenile defiance are spinning in my head.

Airport security measures have become unbalanced in their cost-benefit risk analysis and have now reached beyond personal boundaries previously reserved for our doctors. Protests seem to be escalating… from Thanksgiving Day refusals for body scans, to videotaped threats of arrest “if you touch my junk”, to stripping fully naked! Both the modest and immodest have had enough.

I almost want to buy a plane ticket just so I can go through airport security with my new cock ring set snugly around the base of my immodest cock. It certainly would not change any policies but it could change someone’s day at work. I imagine the conversation as I step out of the body scanner…
TSA: “Sir, please step over here”, motioning to the pat-down area.
ME: “Yes, sir”.
TSA: “Uh… what is that? In your pants”.
ME: “Eight ounces of stainless steel confidence, sir”.
TSA: “Is there a reason you are wearing it today?”
ME: “Don’t worry, I won’t terrorize the pilot with it. But the stewardess… that could be a different story”.
TSA: “Please remove it”.

At which point I reach down my unbuttoned pants with both hands, remove the steel ring, and place its warm weight in the blue gloved hands of the TSA. I’ll let the poor agent hold onto it while the body scanner takes a second look at everything south of my smug grin.