A Marriage Like OursI’m generally a pretty private person when it comes to personal struggles, maybe I don’t like to reveal my flaws. I know everyone faces challenges at some point in their lives and sometimes it makes them a better person, I believe this is the case for me. My struggle has caused me to re-evaluate myself and put forth the effort to make necessary changes in myself to be a better person.

We recently got a message from a follower of our HotPics blog which inspired me to share my story. The message was “Have I told you how much I hope to have a marriage like yours”. This was the best kind of compliment and exactly what I needed to hear right now. We do have a marriage to be envied, today I can say that with confidence but I’m not sure I would have said that 6 months ago.

Marriage is an amazing union. It is incredible to know, and be known, by someone so intimately. It is an indescribable feeling to be connected with someone in such a way that the world just seems right when you are together. But marriage, no matter how perfect the couple may be for each other, takes work. I don’t care who you are or how long you’ve been together, marriage is a living breathing thing that requires, nourishment and attention. I think all marriages go through hard times and sadly more than 50% of couples just give up.

I believe it’s hard times that make a marriage stronger and Dick and I have had some hard times lately. Somewhere along the way I forgot the importance of cultivating our bond which resulted in a large gap between us. Sadly, it took something fairly drastic for me to re-open my eyes and see the incredibly amazing man who loves me inside out like no one ever has before, that there is so much passion in his love for me and so much love to give.

We have been working through our issues together and our bond has become stronger than ever, our passion embarrassing our teenage children daily. We have a renewed desire for each other both physically and emotionally that amazes me everyday. I can’t get enough.

I share all of this because I believe others might benefit from my learning experience. Never assume your partner knows how you feel about them, show them in some small way every single day; in the passionate kiss on the way out the door, the kind gesture, or the simple touch.

I love you Dick, you are still my dream come true.