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Mountain Retreat

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 2


It was nearly dark when we arrived in a fog of light rain. The intimate resort was set snugly among Pine trees high on a hill overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s an area resplendent with wildlife… but that wasn’t the kind of wild life we were after.

We both bailed on work for a couple days, left the kids with Grandma, and retreated into romantic solitude where our time was our own. We do this sometimes, maybe once a year, and it is a refreshing way to reconnect. This time we had you More >

Dick-n-Jane On Deck

Mid-Week Escape to the Mountains – Part 1


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I posted the following status update on Facebook two days ago:

Naked hot tubbing and naked sunbathing while looking over a valley of snow dusted pines beats work.

And I meant every word of it! Jane and I had a great mid-week getaway into the hills and discovered a really nice place to relax and unwind. It was quiet, there was little to distract us from each other, and we had no good reason to wear any clothes. It was everything our home life is not.

Our camera made More >

Hit The Beach Naked

Sexy, Naked Escape (Dick)


June means vacation. Sure, there will be a family vacation thrown in there somewhere… but this year Jane and I are taking off together. Just the two of us. To the sexiest place on earth.

We’ve been to the Mayan Riviera together once before, it was 16 years ago on our honeymoon. We were drunk on love and just discovering sex together. This time will be different, but with any luck, just as memorable.

Where we are going… we don’t need clothes. That is to say, our destination resort is “clothing More >


Our Recommendations, Updated!


We occasionally take a day or two off from our regular routines to spend them focused on each other (you can read about some of those days here) which involve cracking open the sex toy vault to liberate our favorite forms of entertainment. It occurrs to us that we really have a significant collection of stuff… some of which we have written about (or reviewed) but much of which we have never mentioned here.

There is so much crap on the market! We think we have sorted through enough lousy More >

Couple In Bed

Thirteen Is Our Get Lucky Number


We’ve had sex every day in 2013! If today were January 3rd you might just roll your eyes at that statement… but note this post is dated February 3rd. Now we’re talking!

Three years ago, Dick wrote about The 30 Day Sex Challenge, an exercise for couples to reconnect and find creative ways to work sex back into their routines. At the time, we had tried and failed the challenge twice and we didn’t make it through that last round either. We don’t remember why… it is just more difficult than we More >

Total Plunge

Total Plunge Aluminum Cock Ring (Gear Essentials)


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Total Plunge is a solid and very shiny aluminum cock ring designed to fit around the shaft and balls. Its impressive presence restricts blood flow out of the penis making for firmer, longer lasting erections. Simple to use and easy to love.

What I Really Liked

It looks awesome, it works well, and is built to last a lifetime. There’s not much to argue with here; no batteries, no moving parts, no questionable materials, just artful simplicity and, as Leonardo said, “simplicity is More >

Celtic Cock Ring

A Very Personal Protest (Dick)


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The last time we flew to Mexico I had a good sized stainless steel cock ring in my carry on bag and I wondered what might happen when I went through airport security and customs during our International flight. Nothing, that’s what happened. It probably lit up like neon on the x-ray screen… it didn’t look dangerous (apparently) but it wasn’t of interest either. That or the screeners just didn’t want to go there.

I just got a new hunk of man steel that’s even heftier More >

Dick and Jane at the Window

Weekend Away in the City – Part 2


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It takes batteries but it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t penetrate anything and I can’t stick my dick in it, but I have an unlikely new toy that is climbing the ranks on my short list of favorite sex toys. My camera.

Jane and I escaped family life for a sexy weekend away, we weren’t far from home mileage-wise but we got there on our bikes, so the 15 miles was enough to create a sense of isolation from home. We relied on our feet to take us out to eat and to shop, the slower More >

Toying With My Toolbox

Toying With My Tool Box (Dick)


Another quiet Sunday morning routine… Jane woke me up by giving me a hard-on and then disappeared out the door to work. What’s a guy to do? Get creative, that’s what.

We bought a Hitachi Magic Wand for Jane a few years ago and it is an incredible orgasm extractor… want it or not, put that rumbler between Jane’s legs and within 60 seconds she’s trembling out a whopper.

The Wand is really a bit too much for her though so Jane’s current vibrator of choice is the decidedly more demure Eroscillator. More >

Summer Vacation Sex in the Window

Summer Vacation (Dick)


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We recently took a vacation from our jobs, our home town, and our sexy online personas to escape for summer fun with the family! We stayed with our kids and other close relatives at a family owned rural property set in 40 acres of oak forest. We had loads of fun but the setting made shared naked time difficult.

Nevertheless, we made time to catch a couple self portraits through our bedroom window. Note the conspicuous lack of curtains… who needs them when you have no More >

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