20thAnniversaryJane and I celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday. Holy crap! Has it really been that long since Jane teased me in the car? We had a great day together 20 years ago and another one just yesterday. I am sharing this with you because we have this site and its readers to thank for making our 20th special. I’ll get back to that further down, but let me first tell you about our day!

Unlike our wedding day so long ago, this day started with sex. Showers first, then back to bed… I can’t think of a better way to start a day, can you? After catching our breath we walked to our neighborhood coffee shop, sat and talked like grownups without kids do, and held hands all the way home. Sappy, I know, deal with it.

Our afternoon started with two hours at a couples’ spa; hot tub, full body massage, and banja (a sauna with extras). It was intimate, relaxing, and also naked… which gets high marks in my book. We’ll go back soon, it was a great experience.

Janes Ring

Jane’s New Ring

We caught a movie together followed by dinner in a very nice restaurant. While we had our drinks I told Jane it had been a wonderful twenty years, asked her if she’d like to go for another twenty, and slid a ring box across the table. Her eyes lit up, I knew they would. Inside the box was a significant upgrade to her wedding ring along with a recommitment to her. My favorite thing to do is to make Jane happy and this really worked!

What does any of this have to do with this website or its readers (you)? Let me explain.

Dick-n-Jane.com has allowed us to take our sex lives out of the bedroom, given us a safe place to explore boundaries together with the support of our peers, and fostered adventure between the sheets. And there’s the toys, lots of [free] sex toys… also a good excuse for me to sift through porn every day, but I digress.

More than a million people visit this site each year to view in excess of five million pages. That is astounding, we are both flattered and amazed our little project draws so much interest. But it does… and that gives real monetary value to our site. We don’t make a lot from Dick-n-Jane.com but over time it adds up. We keep a special savings account dedicated to just us, the money is safe from utility bills, kids’ clothing, and our daughter’s insulin. It’s a secret and selfish stash and we spend it freely on each other without guilt.

Our “DNJ Fun$”, as we call it, financed our entire day-long anniversary celebration, including the ring! Thanks to our many readers, regular followers, and those of you who enjoy good toys, we had an exceptional day! From this day on, Jane carries on her finger a symbol of my love, a reminder of our commitment together, and a product of our sexiest indiscretions!


Now go buy something fun in our store  ;o)